James Ritchie

I am a machine learning researcher and data scientist based in Edinburgh. I was a postgraduate research student at the Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Science, part of the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh.

I am interested in Bayesian approaches to machine learning and statistical inference. For my PhD I researched methods for using Bayesian inference and deep learning for scientific applications that have traditionally presented challenges for probabilistic modelling, as part of Iain Murray’s research group. Applications I have worked on include physiological modelling and density estimation for noisy astronomical datasets.

Before moving to Edinburgh I worked as a data scientist and software engineer in London. For my undergraduate degree I studied engineering at the University of Cambridge.


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  • Counting Coffee Cups and Photons
    A remote talk I gave at the ANC workshop introducing some preliminary work on the problem of inferring photon counts and energies from CCD sensors used in astronomy.

  • Density Estimation with Noisy Data
    An introduction and background to our work on Scalable Extreme Deconvolution, plus some thoughts on next steps.

  • Cside 2018
    We won one of the categories in the Cside 2018 competition, inferring the parameters of an ordinary differential equation model of the cardiac action potential. I gave a talk about our solution at the associated conference.